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The Inertia

Recently, police have not necessarily been spoken of highly in the media or in the national rhetoric in general. And rightly so. Police injustice has been inordinately aimed at the African American community for years. The numbers simply don’t lie. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t really good police officers out there doing the best work they can. Take officer Jonathan Wiese as a prime example. While on patrol in Southern California, Wiese was notified of a car being driven by a suicidal father carrying two young girls. The car was spotted at one of San Diego’s iconic surf spots when it crashed through the railing and went over a cliff. When the K9 officer arrived at the scene, he quickly used a dog leash to repel down to save two toddler girls who were trapped in the car with their father.

Wiese is a father of two himself and said his “dad instincts kicked in.”

This isn’t the first time Wiese has acted heroically. Last year he talked an active shooter out of using his gun in a crowded area. You can hear an interview with Wiese on the incident, below. He certainly sounds like the type of person who should be doing police work.



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