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The Inertia

Who Is J.O.B. did a lot of things. It reinforced the idea that Jackass et al was a good idea. It made us all remember how much we seem to enjoy watching adults do stupid things. It showed us that yes, we like to watch people get hurt. Want to argue with that? Well, the numbers prove you wrong. Who Is J.O.B. is heading into its eighth season, and so far, no one’s died. But the Red Bull show did something else, too: it introduced the world to the glory of Poopies.

In the minds of many, within a season or two, Who Is J.O.B. became Who Is Poopies. He flung himself off things, was the brunt of every joke, and did it all with a smile on his face. Well, he finally did it. The man who lived in Jamie O’Brien’s shadow has finally come out with his very own channel. So far, however, it doesn’t seem that there’s much to it apart from Poopies’ North Shore wanderings (shot mostly from the up-the-nose perspective), but we’ll take it because he’s Poopies, damn it.


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