The Inertia

I was born in Perth, West Australia, but now live in Bali with my french Wife Morgan and my son Kai. Living in Bali has worked out really well for me, as I always have the best surfers in the world here and some of the best waves in the world to work with. I spend most of my time looking for new waves. I have spent the last 15 years travelling around Indo and I know there are still so many waves I haven’t seen or found yet. I have been shooting professionally now for over five years, and really love what I do. My main thing is to shoot in the water. I have a very close relationship with LiquidEye Water Housing which works well, as I’m always able to use all their different products when I need to. Surf photography is probably the hardest job in the world to make it in, but the rewards and the lifestyle are second to none.

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