The Inertia

Jason Kenworthy has been a dominant force in the surf world for years. As a founding member of Snapping Turtle Productions, Jason’s surf movies, including Psycho Ward and Raw Irons, were the visual anthems for Southern California’s “surf punk” movement. However, after sensing a slip in the video world, Jason soon set his sights on photography and hasn’t looked back.

Kenworthy’s career shooting photos has garnished over fifty magazine covers worldwide, including over fifteen Surfer Magazine covers during his eleven year tenure as a Senior Staff Photographer. Jason was also the visual eye behind

Nike’s “Just Do It” print campaign and the Bruce Irons “Flare shot” (one of surfing’s most talked about photos). He also went on to direct Nike’s ground breaking girls surf film “Leave A Message”.
These days Jason plays a multitude of rolls: photographer, filmmaker, surfer, but most importantly husband and father. While it is still surf action that tends to lead Jason around the world, he is constantly keeping an open eye to the places he travels: shooting the people and places he passes through is often more rewarding than photographing the waves at the final destination.

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