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Jordan Weeks

A portrait of the artist: Jordan Weeks.

Jordan Weeks is a Professional Sports Photographer from Cornwall (United Kingdom).

Born in 1983, and growing up in a small seaside town, Jordan always had a love for the ocean and its awesome power.

Jordan started photographing Surf when he was 18 years old, and soon began contributing to many UK and European Surf and Travel magazines.

His photography and creativity is fueled by his love for adventure and the great outdoors. Like most creative individuals, he is often on the go, and can’t rest for long before coming up with a new idea for a photoshoot, or a new way in which he wants to photograph his chosen subject.


In recent years, he has gone on to capture images of many other outdoor and adventure sports – including cycling, running and triathlon. His photography work is regularly sourced by various companies right across the globe.

You can see more of Jordan;s photography on his website at

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