The Inertia

A portrait of the artist: Mark Wilson.

A portrait of the artist: Mark Wilson.

I am a photographic artist and lifelong surfer, and I’m finally grabbing my camera more than I’m grabbing my board these days.

Most of my shots here were taken in Florida over the last year or so, due to the fact that I haven’t traveled much lately trying to acquire more camera equipment. I’m looking to getting out of town soon and see what I can create. I’ve always been a huge fan of surf art due to the escape from reality it provides, and that has been my driving force for missing out on surfing swells to shoot them, to express my vision as I see it. Now I am attempting to create imagery that is more than just a picture, but an image that gives the viewer a sense of time and place, and hopefully…escape from reality. Thanks for checking out my work.

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