The Inertia

A portrait of the artist: Nick Lavecchia.

A portrait of the artist: Nick Lavecchia.

Yes, it’s true. Nick spent his childhood years growing up in North Jersey. After a stultifying stint at a graphic design firm in Vermont, he threw over his cubicle for a carriage house on the cliff overlooking the coast of Southern Maine.

It’s from there that Nick travels the world capturing the unique people and places that attract his eye. Known for his skill at extracting the narrative by concentrating on the absolutely unique sense of his subjects, Nick’s work  also gives a true sensation of being there and feeling it with immediacy.

You can find his work on the pages of most major surf publications around the world, as well magazines like Outside, Nat Geo Adventure and Yankee. Nick currently runs Get In The Van with good friends Joe Carter and Brian Nevins. Find yourself some time and go get lost in there.

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