Naval Officer/Surfer/Photographer

The Inertia

What comes to mind when you think about the Gulf of Mexico? Most people would say a large, flat body of water that is great for snorkeling, diving, and fishing. If you Googled it, you can read all about how the Gulf is a spectacular vacation destination with gorgeous white sand beaches and emerald green waters — but I doubt you’ll read about its surf breaks. As a matter of fact, most unknowing locals here in Panama City Beach would probably tell you that you wouldn’t even be able to surf! However, there is a relatively small, but no-less-dedicated community of surfers here who would beg to differ. When you combine gorgeous beaches, clear turquoise waters, and quality waves, you get what I would argue is some of the most picturesque surf in the contiguous United States. My goal is to capture all of these elements together and convey to you all the beauty of surfing The Forgotten Coast.

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