I was born and raised in San Diego, California where I grew up surfing the beaches of La Jolla. Longing for worldly experience and more exotic surf destinations, I hit the road with not much more than a few surfboards and a camera.  An abundance of calculated risks, months at a time slept on foreign floors, and a handful of near death experiences, coupled with an absurd amount of persistence and countless hours behind the lens earned me a position as photographer for Rusty Surfboards.

I graduated from San Diego State University a few years back and now, in addition to my photography, I do research on sustainable surf tourism for the San Diego State University Research Foundation to study the interaction between surfers and wave rich communities.

As a traveling photographer, I have had the opportunity to visit some amazing and unique destinations and score epic waves… However, even though I was living my dream of traveling, surfing, and shooting I quickly realized something was missing.  To get to these perfect waves and surreal destinations we were stepping over poverty, hunger, disease, poor sanitation, and broken economies- and, for me, it soured the experience.

It became a personal goal to combine my surf photography trips with surf philanthropy and about a year ago I started the to help surfers, travelers, companies and like-minded individuals give back where we go for waves.


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