The Inertia

Trevor Murphy, in between Bali excursions.


I was born and raised on Cape Cod Massachusetts, a small sand bar that juts out into the frigid north Atlantic. Cape Cod is not much of a surf mecca. To compensate for the lack of waves and weather, Cape Codders must spread out to warmer climates. Over the last three years I have contracted the photography bug. Now-a-days, it’s hard to find me without my camera or dreaming up my next shot. I just returned home for a little break from the hustle and bustle of Bali life and thought I might share some images. I have been traveling to Bali since 1999. I love the island and its people. At first, the main draw for me was the laid back, do-anything attitude that comes with perfect waves ten thousand miles from home. Now it’s the perfect light, the smiling faces, and the tanned bottoms.









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