The Inertia

At just nineteen years of age, Woody demonstrates a creative, innovative and a downright fresh style of photography. Hailing from the Sunshine Coast, Woody has been able to make the most of the pristine beaches and local talent.

From the way he captures an early morning surf session, to his thought-provoking portraits, he nails it. From an early age, Woody has been allowed to experiment and expand on his photography, with the help of a very supportive family. However, that’s not to say he hasn’t had to work for it. With a part-time job he has managed to pay off some high-quality gear. Perhaps his most obvious and endearing quality is his endless enthusiasm. He is able to find something special in the places that others ignore.

And the best part? He is only just getting started.

See more of Woody’s photography on Instagram @woodygphoto


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