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Portugal has been firing lately. With impeccable conditions and solid back-to-back swells hitting our coast, these past two months have been simply unbelievable. I had a couple of trips planned, but it made no sense to leave home during such a solid run of swell. Therefore, I decided to stay here and make the most out of this crazy season.

Among the hundreds of spots along our coast,  Supertubos was perhaps the best it’s been in years. Week after week of perfect barrels has made it pretty easy to stack some clips. I’ve gathered some of my best footage there with my production team and captured some killer photos from a host of incredible photographers, including legendary water photographer Diogo D’Orey.

Following the success of That Day in Naza and Mr. Boonman, some experiments we’ve done with drones resulted in our footage being used for a Super Bowl commercial for Jeep America. Next month, I’m hosting the third edition of the Boonman Air Show, which is an air contest at my home break in Carcavelos. All of these feats combined with landing the January cover for a local surf magazine, Onfire, 2016 has been unbelievable. I’m just enjoying the ride and looking forward to what the rest of the year holds.


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