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The Inertia

Just 34 men and 17 women occupy the pinnacle competition series of professional surfing, the World Surf League Championship Tour. Recent estimates, while shaky, put the current number of surfers globally at around 35 million. In other words, the chances of a surfer qualifying for the CT are a tad better than one in a million. The odds of winning an Oscar, Olympic gold medal, or dating a supermodel are all higher. And yet the WSL Qualifying Series (QS) is awash with guys and gals hoping to defy the odds and mount an arduous campaign to amass the points necessary to make their dreams a reality. Suffice it to say, the QS road is paved with broken dreams.

For QS grinders like Frenchman Tim Bisso, traveling from contest to contest often not knowing where you’ll stay or having limited support from sponsors can be trying, to say the least. Sometimes a refresh is necessary to get your head straight.

In Bisso’s case, a trip to Portugal – whose coastline boasts countless world-class waves – is just what the doctor ordered. And his recent competitive success at the Tenerife Pro would seem to emphasize that.


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