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The Inertia

There’s a very dedicated crew of Maui surfers at Jaws. They’re there for every swell, and they’ve been pushing the limits at a place where pushing the limits has very real consequences. Not just at Jaws, either. They’ve been pushing the limits on every wave. And perhaps no one is pushing them quite like Albee Layer is.

During that crazy El Niño, that crew kept busy–so busy, in fact, that they turned the big wave world on its head. That’s where Nervous Laughter comes in. Their newest documentary about how a small group of friends was able to become some of the best big wave surfers on earth.

Of course, making a movie is a lot of work. In between editing sessions, they surfed and filmed more surfing. What you see above is the result of those in between sessions, and it’s safe to say that no one is currently surfing like Albee Layer is surfing.

“Last year was a bit of an after thought. Seemed like everyone still had an El Nino hangover and we were neck deep on trying to finalize a documentary,” wrote Take Shelter Productions. “We took breaks from cutting our new film Nervous Laughter by filming, but there were no trips, no hyped swells and no real concise thoughts on producing any new edits. Luckily for us this past year still provided unique days and we were able to cut a new piece entitled Black Wave.”




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