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The Inertia

A few days ago, big-wave surfers from around the globe wiped the dust from their guns and scurried to pack their bags. A colossal south swell was due for the Americas, giving the first stop on the 2016 Big-Wave World Tour a possible Friday morning start. Today, contest directors have given the official green light to begin competition at 9 a.m local time.

According to Surfline, the surf will see a mix of older, slowly easing SSW and a new, long-period and building SSW swell. Things start off a bit slow in the morning, but the swell will be building and peaking late afternoon and into the night. Waves will be in the 25- to 35-foot range on Friday and some sets are possible to reach the 40-foot+ marker. An offshore wind will remain light and variable in the morning hours before turning light+ and onshore by mid to late morning.

Heat 1
Greg Long
Albee Layer
Kai Lenny
Gabriel Villaran
Koa Rothman
Jose Ramirez

Heat 2
Billy Kemper
Damien Hobgood
Grant Baker
Will Skudin
Coco Nogales
Rogercin Ramirez


Heat 3
Makuakai Rothman
Carolos Burle
Trevor Carlson
Pedro Calado
Tom Lowe
Angelo Lozano

Heat 4
Nic Lamb
Christian Merello
Jamie Mitchell
Rusty Long
Oscar Moncada
Jimel Corzo

See all the live action at WorldSurfLeague.com.



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