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The Inertia

I am currently on a road trip of a lifetime. My partner and I are driving the Americas, starting in Long Island, NY on our way to the tip of South America. Right now we are posted in Puerto Escondido and a massive swell is hitting. This is what we’ve been witnessing the past 48 hours.

Currently, we live in Ford van and are traveling to Patagonia. My goal is to document our journey through photography, illustrations, video and audio recording. I’d like to explore the way others live and share experiences with people we meet along the way. So far Mexico has been mind-blowing, the people, the colors of everyday life and of course, the waves. Puerto Escondido is a milestone on our journey. My partner Matty has been dreaming of coming to this place since he was a kid so here we are. Zicatela is hot and busy with surfers from all over the world and the wind is only offshore in the mornings so there are plenty of people in the water by sunrise. That only lasted until till the real swell hit Zicatela. The place turned on and shined its true colors, separating the men from the boys with only about ten people left in the water.

The swell has been getting bigger the past two days. At night the floor rumbles with the massive waves crashing on shore. I get the chills at the beach as I see these amazing waves rolling through and the huge white water breaking on the beach, only the more trained and brave surfers out there, most of them taking one epic wave and calling it a day.


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