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The Inertia

When video evidence dropped of a lonely wedge spinning in Waco, Texas back in May, it turned the surf world on its ear. Close to five months since, we’re only beginning to feel the reverberations of this artificial wave facility’s impact on surfing at large. It’s now not uncommon to hear lineup banter where someone is telling their pal about their recent trip to Waco – explaining how much it costs to get your kicks and that, “You’ve gotta check it out man.”

It also happens to be pretty productive territory for surf teams and especially their groms who froth at the mouth eyeing the perfect little air section the American Wave Machines tech creates. Case in point: the Quiksilver team’s young guns’ recent trip to good ol’ Texas. The edit features more punts than a typical Sunday during football season. And if these are the kinds of airs they’re landing after a few days at the place, imagine what kinds of things we’re bound to see when this tank is open a full year, or two, or ten. Yep, progression in surf is finally on the fast track.


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