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Here’s a pair of sunglasses you can actually feel good about wearing. Mosevic, a small brand out of England, has come up with an ingenious way to recycle old denim and repurpose it back into the fashion realm by creating frames for sunglasses. The process was created by two designers out of Cornwall, Jack Spencer and Alex Boswell, who’re way into the sustainable fashion movement.

The glasses are handcrafted and the process, that took six years to develop, is crazy: first, they cut strips of denim and follow that up by infusing them with a special resin. The material is set in a mold and then they use a machine to cut the denim to fit the frame designs they’ve created. They stone wash the material to make it softer on your face. To finish off the frames, they’re hand-buffed in the company’s workshop.


For its upper-end glasses, Mosevic uses polarized lenses from a company called Zeiss, which specializes in lens design for eyewear. So they’re fairly solid in quality.

Mosevic recently partnered with Wrangler (yes, the cowboys have apparently gone hipster) to repurpose fabrics from the iconic jean company’s blem pile. I actually put the Cassini through the paces and the glasses are super comfortable. They did stretch on my large melon as I like to pull my hair back with frames when I’m in deep thought (not often enough, I know). But I actually really like these shades. The denim is durable, comfortable–like an old pair of jeans–and they don’t look half bad either.

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