The Inertia

There’s a staggering variety of skateboards coming on the market these days. Forty five-inch longboards, penny boards, and surfboards with wheels are all the rage. The skate industry and its lifestyle have obviously transitioned drastically from the Peralta era. It turns out wooden boards might be the past and 100% recycled aluminum might be skating’s future.

Southern California’s Aluminati Skateboards is reimagining the cruiser board with a nifty recycled aircraft grade material. I’m not one for traditional skateboards, so these boards actually caught my interest. Although heavier than a traditional skateboard, Aluminati seemed to craft up a gem that will last ages thanks to its materials. I cruised on their newest board, The Mullet, with 28 x 8.125 dimensions and an ocean/palm tree graphic design. So is the transition from traditional to far fetched all that worth it? I believe so.

Wooden boards are definitely more lightweight, but after a few years of wear and tear, they tend to chip and even break in half. This is where the aluminum alternative comes in handy. They eliminate the problem behind wear and tear and offer up a board that should (most likely) last as long as an airplane itself. Even slamming the board into curbs wasn’t a problem.

While there might be one drawback in that a misplaced board can do a bit more damage to your shin than a wooden board would, hey, that’s skateboarding. Occupational hazard.

So when it comes down to it, don’t take the possibility of aluminum skateboards jumping into the spotlight lightly. It’s quite possibly here to stay. So if you’re curious and looking for a summer cruiser, decks start at $49.99 and completes range as high as $129.99.

Editor’s Note: This feature was made possible by Aluminati Skateboards. Take a look at their website for more information on pricing, sizes, graphics and shapes.


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