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surf Huntington Beach snowboard Red Bull Plaza

Surf in the morning, ride Big Bear in the afternoon. For $35. Images: Red Bull

The Inertia

Southern California is a pretty decent place to live, depending on which side of the political spectrum you hang out on. Either side, though, still gets to enjoy good weather, swaying palms, the glitter and glam of L.A., the sleepy surf towns of San Diego, and a handful of world-class ski resorts. There are mountains to the east that sit under wonderful piles of snow and waves of top-notch quality that bend around points and trip over cobblestones. If you like playing outside, there are worse places to reside than in Southern California. And if you are a college student, Red Bull wants to help you take advantage.

It’s called the Red Bull Switchboard. With room for 300 students, Switchboard attendees meet up at 8 a.m. in either Huntington Beach or Ocean Beach (the San Diego one, of course), take over the lineup for a few hours, then share a giant post-surf breakfast session. Afterward, they climb aboard a shuttle bus and drive to Big Bear Resort for an afternoon of spring riding at the Red Bull Plaza, one of the best parks on earth. The whole thing is expected to last about 12 hours and costs $35—far less than a regular day pass to Big Bear, let alone a meal, and fuel to get up the mountain.

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