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The “Day of Days” on December 8, 2020 at Maverick’s was one to be there for. A paddle-perfect, sunny day from sunrise to sunset at one of the most iconic and fickle big waves in the world takes a lot of factors to perfectly align, and it doesn’t happen every year. And while it certainly didn’t happen this winter, such a perfect day of big-wave surfing was not something Kai Lenny was going to miss, so we can all now relive his experience last year through the Life of Kai Red Bull TV series.

“If you’re at the peak at Maverick’s, you definitely feel like you’re in the most danger,” Kai told me in a recent interview when I asked him which big wave in the world scares him the most. “It’s such an apexing, heavy wave, and it’s cold and shark infested… In the past I’ve felt like I had Maverick’s pretty dialed, but then you jump in and realize, gosh, you really don’t because this place has so many faces to it, you know? So I think last season I learned how to become a lot more adaptable when I’m out there.”

In Episode Three of Life of Kai, the man himself takes us through the entire process of a Maverick’s strike mission, from setting off to Half Moon Bay from Maui with Ridge Lenny and Ian Walsh, to watching the sun set over Pillar Point Harbor after a full day of paddle-in big-wave surfing.

For more Life of Kai, head over to Red Bull TV where you can stream the entire Life of Kai series, Season One and Two, for free.


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