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Lord knows Kelly Slater likes to troll his social media followers. Just ask the flat-earthers, Justin Bieber, and every one of his fans, who he trolled into believing he was retiring on April Fool’s Day in 2014. (Very original, Slates!)

Of course, he gets it right back in return, from the flat-earthers, from Joel Tudor, and from schmucks who got mad that a nonsurfer — a nonsurfer! — won his all-paid Fijian getaway for charity.

And then there was that one time that the host of a French sketch comedy show trolled The King at a contest in France. Yeah, it happened in 2010. But we haven’t stopped laughing about it.


For Slater, who has said that as a child he wanted to be a comedian, it took him a long while to catch on.

Zazon, a French actress and comedian, nearly succeeds in telling The King that she was born a male, and underwent a sex change “for you.”

“Since I was a very big fan of you, very young, I decided, so okay, well, I’m a man so I will change myself for you. And then so I became a woman,” she says.

After an awkward silence, she continues: “But look, I look really like a woman.”

Right here is a moment — before it becomes clear to Slater that the joke’s on him — that his eyes dip down toward her body.


(It’s unfortunate that the real butt of the sketch is folks who have undergone gender reassignment surgery. Once he realizes what’s going on, Slater gets out of there before he can give Zazon an education into the need for acceptance of transsexuality. Maybe it didn’t seem like a good time for that talk?)

Probably the best thing about this clip is the play the random Euro surfer makes to get Zazon interested in him instead of the follically-challenged champ.

“Uhhm, no. He is wizzout hair.”

Apparently, Zazon likes trolling at surf contests.

Editor’s Note: The Funny or Die clip above also makes us nostalgic as the kind-hearted security officer featured in the clip, David “Woody” Wood, is no longer with us. We can only assume this is one of many interesting moments he handled with aplomb during his time heading up security with the then-ASP, now WSL. Remembering you fondly,


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