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You probably remember that day in Portugal when Kelly Slater landed his 540. Or 720. Whatever you want to call it, it was the day he landed a trick where he spun around a lot. It also happened to be the day that Kolohe Andino scored an unforgettable wave.

You’ve probably seen the wave above before. Kolohe Andino, (you little rascal, you), snuck into what CJ Hobgood called “the best wave ever ridden.” Granted, he may have said that in the heat of the moment, but there can be no denying that Kolohe’s barrel to absolutely-ridiculous-aerial is on par with un-fucking-believable. And with Brother, What Youth‘s video on the boy king from San Clemente dropping right now (for free until June 3rd!), they’ve released a one minute re-taste of the wave that Kolohe will remember for the rest of his life.


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