The Inertia

It’s been almost two months since the swell of the century based Kandui Left. At Kandui Resort, we’ve seen our share of perfect days at Kandui Left, but nothing has come remotely close to what we saw on June 27, 28, and 29. Kandui Left is one of the fastest waves in the world and was originally name NoKandui (pronounced: No Can Do It) due to the sheer speed and difficulty.

The Century Swell had everything you dream of for a Kandui swell: it proved to be a huge, long period swell, a storm the size of Australia, perfect light east winds, neap tides, and a swell angle that wrapped clear around Karangmajet Island and ran with the reef. Our first edit of the swell redefined what we thought was previously possible at Kandui Left and our latest edit, Century Swell – Take 2, isn’t far behind. Enjoy… it might be another century before you see Kandui Left resemble this again.

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