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Most of the time, Ricochet wears a life jacket when she’s surfing. Recently, though, she switched it up to a Santa Claus outfit for her 2016 Howliday Giving Drive to help veterans with PTSD.

This is Ricochet’s 8th year as part of the Howliday Giving Drives. This year, the money she raises will benefit her “ Waves of Empowerment program, Operation Socialization, veterans with PTSD and puppies being trained as service, therapy, and emotional support dogs.

If you haven’t heard of Ricochet, she can be summed up in a few short words: Best. Surf dog. Ever. She’s been surfing for a long time now, and raising awareness for nearly as long. She helps all kinds of people–Wounded Warriors, children, anyone who finds themselves in a bad situation–Ricochet doesn’t care.

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