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While there is a lot that went down at the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach event in Rounds 3 and 4, there is one thing that stands out: John John Florence.

In his heat with Kelly Slater and Gabriel Medina, Rincon was pretty much sitting at high-tide and looking a bit swamped – though still amazing. Bells is a wonderful place. While Slater opened up the heat with some ridiculously powerful Kelly-carves, John John sat back and waited. What he did next was insane. Reminiscent of his air heard ’round the world at the Oakley Pro Bali, JJF hucked himself up and out, went almost upside down, and spun into a full rotation aerial that was loftier than the drones buzzing around the lineup. And of course, in typical John John fashion, it was as casual as can be. The judges awarded him a 10, the crowd collectively gasped, and the other competitors threw up their white flags. Well, not really… but maybe they should.

Watch John John’s perfect 10 on the ASP’s website… but only because they won’t let us put it on ours.


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