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Rise Up Surf Retreats offer the ultimate, all-inclusive surf-retreat experience in Central America. Just the thing that anyone, surfer or not, could use during these tough times. Like many resorts, they’ve been closed for COVID-19, but are  excited to reopen as of November 21, 2020, making every effort possible to provide a safe and fun experience.

Nicaragua officially reopened to tourism on July 14, and you can read more about Rise Up Surf Retreat’s Coronavirus procedures here. There is currently a 15 percent discount available for new bookings made until November 30 for any Rise Up Surf Retreat to Nicaragua or Costa Rica in 2020-2021. With winter finally arriving in the U.S. and surfers layering up on neoprene, sun and warm water sounds pretty enticing. Not to mention, they’re a favorite surf destination of pro surfer and longboarding icon Kassia Meador. “There’s something so special and unique about this location specifically,” says Kassia. “You don’t hear any cars or motorbikes, you’re really at the end of the road.”

The end of the road in Nicaragua.

In 2009, Rise Up Surf Retreats formed organically when founder Phil Southan’s trips with family and friends began to draw people from all over the world. Phil is from Barbados, but chose to call Nicaragua home for its incredible surf, untouched nature and laid-back culture. Since its humble, family-style beginnings in 2009, Rise Up Surf Retreats has grown almost entirely by word of mouth, and most guests come back for another retreat, around three to five times on average. Alix and Guy have been visiting Rise Up Surf Retreats for the past eight years, 16 visits and counting! You can learn more about why here. Based in Nicaragua, Rise Up Surf Retreats has expanded in recent years to host surf retreats in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Barbados, and has set their sights on bringing locations in Indonesia, the Maldives, and Portugal into the picture.


Kassia and co. Salty, sandy, and smiling.

While Rise Up Surf Retreats is (of course) a surf resort destination, perfect for a visit to escape and shred your heart out, it’s so much more than that. As a part of the ‘surf familia’, guests have access to a personalized surf coaching program that caters to each guest’s individual level of surfing, and makes use of video analysis and surf theory classes to maximize progression. While surfing is the main focus, it’s also incorporated with yoga and functional movement practices as well as delicious, predominantly plant-based food to maintain a healthy surf physique. Epic adventures to destinations in the local region and a strong connection with members of the Rise Up Surf Retreats community and the local Nicaraguan community serve to round out the experience.

Coach Fran, finding some shade.

An eco-conscious, down-to-earth community, Rise Up Surf Retreats also gives back through its NGO organization, Rise Up Kids, which supports the education and needs of children in the local community in Nicaragua with sustainable projects. Current projects include local school renovations in Aserradores, Nicaragua where the hard work and generosity of Rise Up Surf Retreats guests is creating a safer and more productive learning environment for the local children, improving the lives of young Nicaraguans and generations to come.

To find some tranquility in the chaos and escape to warm water and good waves, join the Rise Up Surf Retreats Familia for a surf retreat you won’t forget!


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