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While filming for Taylor Steele’s Proximity, Rob Machado and Craig Anderson found themselves surfing a perfect, empty point in Chile completely alone. It was the quintessential, idyllic scene: the world’s two most stylish surfers (arguably) trading waves, having a grand ‘ol time. In moments, it’s honestly difficult to tell Craig Anderson and Rob Machado apart, which we believe both fellas would accept as a compliment. However, even dream sessions have casualties. In this instance, it was a mechanical one: drone down.

“I looked in at the beach, and I could just see something was wrong,” said Rob Machado. “The guys were freaking out. Someone was running up and down the beach. A guy was on his hands and knees screaming at the sky. Sure enough, I get to the sand, and Davis came running down the beach full speed, grabbing me by the wetsuit, like, ‘You have to go out there and find it!'”

“I didn’t know what to say, I was like, ‘Dude, I’m so sorry.'”


So what’d they do?

Exactly what you would do. They continued to get barreled.

This short is part of Outside TV’s original series: A Life In Proximity. Outside TV Features invites you to watch the full series of episodes by downloading their new app here.

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