The Inertia

The latest YouTube edit from Nic Von Rupp starts off “somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.”  The expedition to an unnamed break begins with frequent collaborator Freddy Meadows, but the pair are soon joined by a surprise guest – Rob Machado.

Based on the venue and Machado’s board selection, the video appears to be from the days after Capitulo Perfeito, the annual barrel-riding invitational that both Von Rupp and Machado competed in, back in February. The event was Machado’s return to competition for the first time in two decades, but you wouldn’t know it from his performance. Riding custom carbon fiber twin-fins he shaped specifically for the competition, Machado made it all the way to the final heat, before eventually coming in second behind teenage local hero Tiago Stock.

The video above starts in the ensuing days, when Von Rupp took Machado out to a right-hand point break for some step-offs. Though it was a bit of an ironic choice of venue, given that Rob is one of the most famous goofy footers in the world, the venture was a success all the same. The pair joyously traded off on wave after wave, until they quite literally rode off into the sunset.


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