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As soon as 2020 disappeared in the rearview mirror, a swell hit Jaws that was bigger than anything seen in years. It was massive — the biggest in a decade, according to most. Insane things happened, and thanks to the proliferation of cameras pointed at anything and everything these days, there weren’t too many moments missed. And as you would expect, Robby Naish was there to get his piece of the pie. He hasn’t surfed at Jaws for a while now, but this swell wasn’t one he could turn away from.

“I haven’t gone up for the last few Jaws swells,” he said on his way to Peahi. “I just haven’t been into it. I’m getting older and somehow the desire to ride big waves is diminishing. Not sure what it is… maybe it’s self-preservation. Just haven’t been into it. But today we’ve got a really big swell coming in and the wind should be good.”

And after watching the video above, it becomes apparent that Naish definitely still has what it takes. Not that we ever doubted it.


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