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The Inertia

Do you think surf spots have egos? Do you think they have a little bit of wave envy from time to time when neighboring spots get a little more attention from surfers, or when one spot starts popping up on more magazine covers and edits? You get the picture. If surf spots were people it’d be pretty reasonable to expect they’d be as attention hungry, insecure, and egotistical as the people that ride their waves.

With that said, Rocky Point would be on top of the world these days. Rocky would be strutting his stuff (technically Rocky has been strutting his stuff lately) in front of all the other North Shore wave magnets. Great conditions and good waves have been calling just about every pro on the island to the point no more than a a few football fields away from the Banzai Pipeline. Dane Reynolds, Miguel Pupo, CJ Hobgood, Steph Gilmore and too many more to keep the list going  are here shredding Rocky’s peaks, his fast little inside sections, lefts, rights, barrels, and just about everything Rocky throws at them. It’s been that good at Rocky Point for a while now, and we have to imagine some of his North Shore neighbors are getting hungry for some of the attention.




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