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Video: Carlos Muriongo | Canal OFF

Last week served up some ridiculously large surf at Nazare, a wave that has quickly become Europe’s big wave mecca. As equally absurd footage and photos continue to circulate, filmer Carlos Muriongo sent us this video of a wave that Rodrigo Koxa described as the biggest wave of his life.

“It’s my fifth season here,” Koxa told The Inertia‘s Shannon Quirk via Facebook Live. “I love this place. This place changed my life. All my life I give all my best to surf big waves, and in 2014 I got one huge swell here. I actually almost died…And now I got a present from God. It was the best present I’ve ever had.”


Wrote Koxa on his Instagram:

“Gratitude to have surfed the biggest wave of my life in that last swell 08/11/2017

Thank you to all our team, by starting by Sergio Cosme pilot who put me in the wave that I so much dreamed… thank you also for the commitment and brotherhood of the second rescue Antonio Silva, Joana Andrade, langers and karlos…# teamwork my love Aline Cacozzi Hélio Do Espírito Santo 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Quirk recently toured the Nazare canyon with Koxa to learn more about what makes this wave tick.

As winter storms continue to fill in, rest assured that Nazare and surfers like Koxa will be waiting.


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