Conner Coffin won the 2017 Vans World Cup at Sunset Beach.

You probably want your turns to start looking more like Conner Coffin’s. Everybody wants their turns to look more like Conner Coffin’s…so loosen up that spine.

The Inertia

Surfers tend to forget about the health of their spine. Almost every functional movement in surfing originates from your core. In order to move well, you have to take steps and care about your spine and joints before they start to limit your surfing.

This means, if you’re serious about improving your turns, you will need to be able to move your entire body like this (note how the head is leading the body to turn).

A stiff back is not a great friend. Implement this drill into your daily workout and warm-up routine to overcome it.


How to do the Spinal rocking drill properly:

The goal is to keep your back rounded, knees close to the chest, and activate your abs.


-Sit down on the ground.
-Draw up your knees and bend your head down.
-Put your hands under your knees.
-Hold the knees close to the chest.
-Keeping your spine rounded, gently swing back and forth.
-Imitate the swinging motion of a rocking chair.
-Take a deep breath in the starting position roll backward and exhale when you come back.
-Some people feel like losing their balance and falling down. Don’t worry, you will get used to is in no time.

Common mistakes include:

– Straightening your spine. Straightening your back as you roll is a product of lacking core control. The best way to keep your back rounded is to activate your abs during the movement.

– Don’t roll back too far on the neck and don’t roll too far and fast backward. This won’t do your neck and spine any favors.

As you do the exercise, you will feel an invigorating sensation as your spine gets a nice massage.

If you want to loosen up further, you can incorporate the plow pose.



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