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Oh, you know Ryan Burch. You must! He of lanky stature, lazy smile, and silken surfing. He of foam dust and asymmetrical surfboards and, for that matter, any surfboards. If it floats, Burch can surf it. If it floats, Burch can surf it extraordinarily well. He has an innate understanding with hydrodynamics—much like some kind of savant, Burch just seems to know what does what and why it does it. The boards he shapes are works of art, but you can rest assured that the average person wouldn’t surf them with such aplomb. He looks at surfing a little differently than most, and it’s a way that most should look at surfing—Burch doesn’t ride surfboards. He rides waves. The surfboard is secondary; a simple vessel for the glide.

The video you see above is, as most things are, a bit of an advertisement. Burch is an artist on a surfboard and off, and, along with Volcom, he’s created a line of clothing called the Ryan Burch Experiment. To celebrate, Burch and Ozzie Wright are headed on a road trip up and down both coasts of the U.S., to “demo some Ryan Burch Surfboards, throw some art show, jam to live music, and have some good ol’ fashion hang time.” Find out more about the tour here.


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