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The proliferation of artificial wave technology has been a divisive issue among surfers. The naysayers opine that it ain’t real surfing. The supporters point to the progression. “Imagine what’s possible,” they say.


By now we’ve seen edit after edit of picture-perfect barrels from the WSL Surf Ranch. Pro surfers doing their best to clock the longest tube ride they can. The question that has yet to be fully answered, though, is how many humans can one pack into a single barrel at Kelly Slater Wave Co.’s Shangri-Lemoore?

Kelly Slater and girlfriend Kalani Miller may have been the first to get a tandem barrel together. Not to be outdone, Kai Lenny blew his girlfriend’s mind doing the same. But then, then Sage Erickson, Seabass, and Tom Whitaker upped the ante with a start-to-finish “trandom” wave – only Tom in the rear got fully covered up, but still a decent performance for what, according to Sage, was their first and only go.

“The boys said there was no way we’re making the wave,” she told The Inertia. “The angle’s a bit harsh. Tom Whitaker was totally barreled. We weren’t sure if I was supposed to knee paddle or lay down.”


You may have already guessed that Mr. Zietz was the ringleader.

“Seabass coached [us] the whole way down the line and Tom had the leg strength to maintain a good line! Also, Seabass isn’t satisfied with our performance. He wants another chance to show the world our skills!”


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