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Sally Fitzgibbons won the Fiji Women’s Pro at Cloudbreak yesterday in Fiji. In big, hollow, almost-epic Cloudbreak, Fitzgibbons beat out Stephanie Gilmore in her second ASP WCT win of the year. She holds onto to her second place in the world rankings just behind Carissa Moore.

The women stepped it up in the tricky conditions for the final day – especially Malia Manuel, who was not only a standout in the contest, but charged the hardest by far. Nikki Van Dijk nipped at her heels for that title, though. After a day of pits and incredible wipeouts, the final seemed to bog down a bit. Fitzgibbons and Gilmore sat a little wide, looking slightly out of place. In the end, Sally closed the books with a score of 9.00, while Steph sat on an 8.73.





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