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Kathy and Sara of Salt and Snow

Sara and Kathy are two mom-preneurs looking to change the online gear-shopping experience for the better. Photo: Salt + Snow

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Editor’s Note: This feature is presented by our partners at Salt + Snow.

There’s no doubt that online shopping these days is tough. We humans simply weren’t made to be presented with so many options. You open Amazon to shop for a new phone cord, and 10 minutes later you’re trying to determine if there’s a difference between the $9 and $10 options. Sure, it’s nice to know you’re seeing everything on the market when making a buying decision, but what if someone had already taken a peek and selected only the best products for you to choose from?

That’s where Salt + Snow comes in. They’re a new e-commerce website made to bring you the best (and only the best) outdoors gear for women, men, and the entire family, with a focus on style as well as functionality. The idea was born between co-founders Kathy Thomas and Sara Zilkha, two on-the-go mom-preneurs with a passion for surf, snow, hiking, and the outdoors.

Gear testing for Salt + Snow

“I was tired of having twenty different tabs open to find what I needed for my family”, said Zilkha. Photo: Salt + Snow

With nine children between the two of them, they already had their hands full before spending countless hours on the internet trying to track down the best gear to outfit themselves and their families with. They realized that finding gear that was functional and stylish was a gigantic ask.

“Sara and I became friends as we started surfing and skiing together,” says Thomas. “One day, we talked about the lack of a real single destination where we could find all the right brands and products for our entire family that were both great looking and delivered on everything we needed from a performance perspective. So we decided to create it. And why not also make that a place to connect with like-minded women, men, and families searching for the same thing?”

Kathy Surfing for Salt and Snow

Follow the journey at @saltandsnow. Photo: Salt + Snow

“I was tired of having twenty different tabs open to find what I needed for my family”, said Zilkha. “And so often, the online and instore experience in the outdoor space can feel heavy handed or have an overly male aesthetic. This was truly an ‘aha’ moment.”

After launching this past March, Salt + Snow’s offerings include nearly 20 cream-of-the-crop brands such as Matuse, Kassia + Surf, Xcel, Revo, Left on Friday, and Cynthia Rowley. They are quickly growing to 40 brands for the fall and winter seasons, with snow-inspired offerings that include Aztech Mountain, Amundsen, Namuk, and Dinoski Kids Skiwear. Salt + Snow is also focused on bringing their consumers boutique brands to stand out in on the trail, at the beach, or on the slopes, and support fellow entrepreneurs such as Alwrld, Kavala Collective, Seaesta Surf, and Dip.

Kathy Thomas with her family on the beach for Salt + Snow

Taking care of four is a full-time job, and that’s before the countless hours Kathy used to spend searching for the best outdoors gear online. Photo: Salt + Snow

To Thomas, that’s a large part of the motivation for creating Salt + Snow as well, promoting “the discovery of stylish yet functional outdoor lifestyle brands made by people who care about making the world a better place. We wanted to provide a marketplace that spotlights these brands and elevates the number of eyes on these special companies,” she said.

On the connection side of things, Salt + Snow has worked to create The Wanderist, a hub for the community of adventurers, seekers, and doers to access inspiring stories as well as trusted advice on gear, wellness, and travel for the whole family. “Summit Stories” include interviews with a blind ice climber, stories on learning to surf and ski, and the National Parks Foundation.

The Wanderist Tommy Potterton Noseriding for Salt + Snow

Meet the Wanderist: Tommy Potterton, a Salt + Snow ambassador. Photo: Salt + Snow

It’s also a great place to get to know some of Salt + Snow’s badass ambassadors such as Tommy Potterton, Kassia Meador, and Zandile Ndhlovu, all working to push boundaries in the outdoor space. A dedicated “Kids Korner” is chock-full of summer reading lists, kid-approved smoothie and snack recipes, and hiking guides to help facilitate easy decisions when it comes to keeping little ones stoked on exploring the outdoors.

To learn more or browse Salt + Snow’s ever-growing collection of surf and snow gear, visit SaltandSnow.com.


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