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The Inertia

Southern California received another shot of rain over the weekend, which bodes well for alleviating drought but isn’t so great if you’re anxious to surf. Bacteria levels are off the charts at beaches across much of the Southland, meaning you take your life in your hands if you decide to paddle out.

Uncooperative winds at many exposures have made that prospect less tempting. But here’s a dilemma. What if an incredibly fickle reeling pointbreak that’s usually more crowded than Disneyland were to light up with a sparse crowd willing to take the risk? Would you paddle out?

That’s exactly the calculation that many Santa Barbara surfers were forced to make at Sandspit recently. And note that it wasn’t all time. But, hell if it didn’t look fun. A little brown, but fun!


So, is the risk worth the reward?


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