An "in-no-way-doctored photo" from an Instagram announcement from Colin Jost. Photo: NBC Olympics // Instagram

An “in-no-way-doctored photo” from an Instagram announcement Colin Jost posted. Photo: NBC Olympics // Instagram

The Inertia

Saturday Night Live cast member and Weekend Update anchor Colin Jost will be in Teahupo’o covering the Olympic surfing event. The news came via an announcement from NBC Sports, which also provided some insight on the more traditional coverage of the upcoming games.

“Colin Jost hit the NBC Sports jackpot with an epic assignment covering surfing in Tahiti for the Paris Olympics,” said Molly Solomon, executive producer and president, production for NBC Olympics. “Although the setting is a little different than the ‘Weekend Update’ desk in Studio 8H, Colin, an avid surfer, is going to bring his unique flair to reporting on the competition, athletes, and beautiful surroundings in one of the most breathtaking Olympic venues ever.”

While Jost will be on the ground to interview athletes and preview the waves, the announcement clarified that his role will complement more traditional coverage and commentary. Play by play and analysis will be done by WSL mainstay Joe Turpel and hall of fame big-wave surfer Mike Parsons, respectively. However, the pair will not be on location in Tahiti, but rather calling the action remotely from NBC Sports’ broadcast center in Stamford, Connecticut.

“I’m honored to get to watch the best surfers in the world compete on one of the heaviest waves imaginable, and to help showcase the rich history of surfing in Tahiti,” said Jost of the assignment. “And my Writer’s Guild Health Insurance is excited to see what the coral reef does to my back.”


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