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The Inertia

When Sebastian Steudtner was 16, he decided to quit school and move to Hawaii. He’d known he was going to do it for a few years. Growing up in Germany, there wasn’t any surfing, but Stuedtner knew he needed it in his life. He filled the gap with windsurfing.
“Where I grew up, in the south of Germany, it’s only mountains and lakes. So, the only way to stay connected to surfing was through windsurfing,” he said. “That’s the reason why I started, initially.”

He quickly became pretty damn good at it. A few sponsors and a few contest wins but him on the road to becoming a professional windsurfer, but then he saw Jaws breaking. From there on, his whole life changed, and he dedicated it to chasing massive waves. Recently, though, he decided to pick up the sail again after nearly five years. And, as one might expect, he was a little rusty.
he intrepid athlete back to terra firma. Apparently, this was not a good day for windsurfing.

“Well, we have to try,” he said. “We tried, and we failed. Miserably!”


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