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The Inertia

A few days before the start of the New Year, Kevin Swanson was violently attacked by a shark and dragged underwater for several seconds while surfing Montaña de Oro, located just six miles southwest of Morro Bay on the central coast of California. Luckily, the shark released Kevin and he was able to find his board and paddle his way to shore where he used a leash for a tourniquet and received medical attention by two doctors who had been walking on the beach.

Against all odds, Kevin is back at home making a full recovery and talking about the traumatic incident in detail. “My main concerns were getting to the beach, stopping the bleeding, and then getting help,” explained Kevin. “I made it to the beach before everyone else. I had a major adrenaline rush.” Kevin is grateful for the group of people who are largely responsible for saving his life. Without them, that session down at Sand Spit in Montaña de Oro could have easily been his last.



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