The Inertia

Dave Otto is a filmmaker/photographer based out of Hobart, Tasmania. After
graduating with a degree in Environmental Policy and Planning, Dave turned his
attention to shooting film and producing his website When not working as a web developer Dave loves exploring the remote wilderness of his home state in search of undiscovered waves or empty snow peaks.
In this video of the notorious Shipsterns, Caleb Mclean, Danny Griffith, Marti Paradisis, James Holmer Cross, and Sandy Ryan pull into some terrifyingly immense slabs. Sometimes they make it out, sometimes they don’t. Whatever the outcome, it’s absolutely insane. Here’s what Dave Otto had to say:

“The forecast had been calling it for a week. There was no excuse for missing this one. Wednesday 26th October produced a solid 12ft groundswell with bigger sets. Wind was onshore all morning before backing off just on low tide. Conditions were perfect for the STEP. That ugly wave within a wave that Shipsterns is notorious for. It had been a long winter for the Tassie boys and they were ready to have some fun.”


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