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How sick was your barrel, bru? Image: The Inertia

How sick was your barrel, bru? Image: The Inertia

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Welcome to The Inertia’s brand new, very simple, very true series Sick Graphs, where we illustrate unequivocal truths in surf, mountain, and outdoor sports. We hope you enjoy. And if you’d like to suggest a topic to address, shoot us a note or hashtag it #SickGraphs on Instys, and we’ll have a gander.

We begin Sick Graphs in the most logical location: the barrel – and its undying impression on your mind. Just like that fish you caught, it gets bigger and bigger over time. In the case of a barrel, that thing just gets so, so sick. So sick! That overhead drainer at Blacks? I saw it. It was a head dip in the shore pound, bru. But memory is a sweet, sweet thang. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

Stay tuned for the next Sick Graph!


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