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As pundits of the surfing world, we have a tendency to say things like “she is the future,” or “she is what surfing will look like a few years down the road.” With Sierra Kerr, she is women’s surfing right now: dynamic, powerful, progressive. All the things that make surfing great, she personifies. And she carries it all with the humility that can only come from the Kerr family.

Sierra of course is the daughter of longtime Championship Tour vet Josh Kerr. The man, who’s since he’s retired, has continued to wow the world with his airs and twin-fin skills. The Kerr’s lead a pretty radical life. Sierra is a dual citizen and splits time between the U.S. and Australia. She golfs like you wish you could, skates at an elite level, and ain’t half bad on a snowboard either. I think it’s this diversity of experience that has helped create such a humble human being, and a torch bearer of “modern women’s surfing.”

The above promo you see is for a series we like to call GenUp. It’s a way for us to profile the next, or in this case the now. Last year we profiled Caity Simmers. These profiles have been years in the making and we’re proud to present Sierra’s film on Saturday, September 16th during our EVOLVE Summit at the Surfing Heritage and Culture Museum in San Clemente, California. We’ll have live bands, food and drink. But Sierra’s GenUp world premiere will be front and center. The party starts at 6 p.m. Come join us and witness women’s surfing now.

Buy tickets to EVOLVE for the world premiere of GEN UP: Sierra starring Josh and Sierra Kerr here.


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