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The Inertia

Unlike the softtop, SUP or if we’re being honest, the snowboard, foil surfing doesn’t exactly strike me as approachable. One misstep and you could be rushing to the nearest emergency room to reattach an eyebrow. Or worse, obviously, since you’re basically riding a floating machete.

And it isn’t as easy as I thought it would be to try, either. Prod industry vets to teach you and they mumble breathy excuses to the effect of, “We’ll find a boat and a harbor.” Brands mostly offer ‘clinics’ online, instead of real schools on the ground–which is all well and good since I’m clumsy AF: I’m an amputated limb waiting to happen. But while it seems as if everyone is stoked out of their minds to promote the things, is anyone actually selling them?

Well, since nobody seems to know (yet), this guy has the right idea. Poke fun. At least that’s what I think’s going on here as Philippe Caneri rides his skatefoil along the French coast. Love the tow-in from the cyclist, too. Caneri works with a brand that actually sells foils, Horue. Looks like the squad has been practicing hard:




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