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The Inertia

It’s not that often you that get lucky enough to sit down with a living surf legend. Now throw in a candid discussion on his thoughts about God, the complicated process of passing on his skills and secrets of shaping surfboards. Oddly enough, all these things happen to be intertwined for Skip Frye and Josh Hall.

As a teenager, Josh, a young shaper from Pacific Beach, San Diego had enough vision and moxie to turn his solemn wonder of Skip Frye into his own ethos for carrying forward the astonishingly rich legacy that is San Diego surfing.

This week, “The Josh Hall Story” world premiers at the fifth annual San Diego Surf Film Festival. In honor of this event, SeaLevelTV is releasing two short videos of unseen footage, honoring the wisdom, story, and legacy of Skip Frye.



Editor’s Note: Another SeaLevelTV short film, “Waves of Disruption: The Cori Schumacher Story,” is also making it’s world premier at the San Diego Film Festival.

You can find dates, times and buy tickets for of these and other great films at the San Diego Surf Film Festival website. The festival runs until the evening of Saturday, May 28, in La Jolla, California.



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