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The Inertia

We all have a romantic notion of roughing it in far-off lands when we travel for waves. There’s a definite charm to waking up in a hut on the beach with literally nothing to do but attempt to get barreled, come back to the beach, eat, and then going back out for four more hours to blow your now-sunburnt back and shoulders out — the permanent zinc outline on your face displaying proof of your interpretation of Tom Hanks’ Cast Away performance.

On the flip side, scoring a highly-Instagrammable spot in the same kind of tropical zone seems pretty nice too. Don’t deny it.

But Koa and Alex Smith make a solid point when they find themselves in such a scenario. A beautifully-decorated Balinese hillside oasis, decked out with fancy artwork and an infinity pool in the backyard is worth some photographic and video evidence…and a three-minute commercial for your small-but-popular coffee operation back in Hawaii. Then they proceed to get barreled. And when it’s time to rest up back at home base they’re left to ponder a serious and kind of scary question: What the hell do you do in a place like this anyway? 


Archive some moments for the ‘gram. Read a book. Talk about art and…well, just stare at it. That’s what cultured people probably do, right? Lounge. Relax. Do yoga next to the — is any of this starting to sound boring now?

Touché, Brothers Smith. You’ve reminded us of a solid life lesson. Time spent in a tube is the best time.



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