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Just beneath the elbow of California’s coastal geography that divides south from central lies the sleepy hamlet of Santa Barbara. Known for its numerous right pointbreaks that funnel surf during the winter months into orderly unbroken lines, the place has cultivated a surf culture all its own over the years.

Beginning with Renny Yater through to George Greenough, and later Tom Curren and Al Merrick, the coastal ville’s outsized contribution to surf culture is well understood and well-documented, but oft under-appreciated. A recent effort by filmmakers Wyatt Daily and Justin Misch is trying to remedy that.

The duo’s film, Spoons, is currently seeking funding to properly tell the story of Santa Barbara’s rich surf history. Here’s their pitch:


Spoons: A Santa Barbara Story is an exploration of how one of the most significant corners of the world produced, and continues to produce, some of the most talented surfers and innovators. Deeper than all is a story of craftsmanship, work ethic, renegades, and tradition, a film that goes beyond the time spent in the ocean to define how one spends a lifetime.

“At this stage, supplemental funding will allow for archival footage to be transferred and licensed. It will also allow for submissions and appearances for a proper film festival run, which will be crucial for getting Spoons in front of audiences and distributors.

“We are passionate about surfing and about stories of dedication, and we’ve pooled our money and resources to this point because we believe this film should exist for the next generation to build on.”


Their Kickstarter campaign has already raised $30,000 of its over $46,000 goal, and if you’re into it you maybe you’ll consider throwing a few shekels at some hungry filmmakers anxious to create a passion project their proud of.

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