Editor’s Note: “Spot Snapshot” is a series that highlights an image and explains what you’d never know by simply looking at it. As the cliché goes, “a picture is worth 1000 words.” Here, a featured photographer brings you both.

A Million Miles From Care

A Million Miles From Care. Photo: Joel Coleman

There’s an old saying about Manly Beach, Australia that says, “It’s seven miles from the city and a million miles from care.” I decided to call this photograph A Million Miles from Care, as it, in my opinion, perfectly sums up the feeling of Manly in the summertime. Work, school, and bills; nothing else seems to be that important on a day like this. Paddling around the reef at the Bower and soaking up some sunshine is truly a breathtaking experience.

A lot of people can’t believe this image was taken in Sydney, and that the reef is in fact the Bower surf break. The image, which was taken by helicopter in January of 2013, goes to show how incredible this location is despite its close proximity to a major capital city. And if you look closely at the edge of the reef, you can actually see a scuba diver below the surface. As you can image, the visibility was incredible on this day.

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