Editor’s Note: “Spot Snapshot” is a series that highlights an image and explains what you’d never know by simply looking at it. As the cliché goes, “a picture is worth 1000 words.” Here, a featured photographer brings you both.

The Glide.

The Glide. Photo: Joel Coleman

The simple things in surfing can be the most beautiful. This silhouette of a longboarder in the last glow of the sunset at Noosa’s First Point in Australia, is such a special photograph to me purely for its simplicity. The wave is tiny, the surfer is just gliding along his line and the colors are incredible. It is the exact opposite of the high energy, extreme moves I so often photograph in surfing.

The image reminds me of a line from a Tim Winton novel where he describes surfing as being “as beautiful as it is pointless.”

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